True Sufi - Zita Marley (My Secrets, 2023)
He said, " Feed me, for I am an hungered,And at once, for 'the time is a sharp sword.Can it be that thou art not a true Sufi?
#reggae2023 #toppreggaehits #blacksearecords

The debut song of Zita Marley - "Burn Thai Bonds" - is the one that is dedicated to all people in Africa and to all those supporting Africa in this hard time, briefly explains Zita. We offer to watch a full original video of this heart breaking song which shows that deep pain of Africa it has been held for centuries in her voice.

"My message to all people in Africa is that I'm so happy for the current happenings in the world that you are all getting away from that colonial regime of the west that has done nothing to you just sucked out resources, wealth and health. I'm so happy that I have even started singing and released an album to support this movement of liberation from the terror.", says Zita Marley, a singer to be from Canada who has just published her first album called "Prayer" - with a message - a Prayer for a whole Africa!

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